Wood Stamped Concrete Floor

Wood Stamped Concrete Floor

Why Concrete Flooring That Looks Like Wood Is So Darn Cool

That's why below we'll tell you everything you need to know about concrete floors that look like wood: the different methods used to make it, how to add wood floor patterns to concrete, how much it costs, and more. Granted, porcelain tiles aren't exactly concrete, but if you want a concrete floor that looks like wood without having to pour concrete, wood-look tiles are a good alternative. Concrete flooring that looks like wood is water resistant, so it can go many places real hardwood can't. Unlike wood, concrete will not fall victim to rot or termites and can have a longer lifespan. Unlike wood, concrete will not fall victim to rot or termites and can have a longer lifespan. A concrete floor that looks like wood, however, can be used in these rooms. You can also use it in garages and porches, where drastic temperature changes can damage wood floors. A concrete floor that looks like wood, however, can be used in these rooms. You can also use it in garages and porches, where drastic temperature changes can damage wood floors. If your existing subfloor is a concrete slab, you can use it to create a concrete floor that looks like wood - you don't even have to add any extra concrete.

External Stamped Concrete Floor


Stamped concrete is perfect for creating flat, vehicle-accessible jobs such as ramps, parking lots and driveways

Suitable for car traffic, the thickness of the stamped concrete is extremely variable; it will be defined according to the loads that the embankment will have to support. Approximately, depending on the load, the thickness will measure:

1 – 8-10 cm for pedestrian areas, subject to light or continuous foot traffic

2 – 13-15 cm for light vehicle traffic areas (cars and small vehicles)

3 – 18-20 cm for heavy vehicle traffic areas (trucks and heavy cars)

The possibility of deciding the thickness according to the use for which the coating is intended makes it suitable for heavy vehicle traffic areas such as access ramps, streets and driveways. Compared to traditional interlocking or natural stone finishes, besides the aesthetic side, it offers clear functional advantages:

1 - It is not subject to indentations or settlement

2 – It is less sensitive to temperature changes

3 - It eliminates the problem of weeds growing between individual stones

Thanks to some specific protective treatments, the surface can also become anti-mould, anti-dust and anti-absorption, which facilitates the cleaning operations of driveways, access ramps, garages, areas generally subject to stains of oil and traces of the passage of vehicles. SOME MORE IDEAS FOR STAMPED CONCRETE FLOORS

In conclusion, stamped concrete floors are a solution that provides:

1 – Great freedom of customization

2 – A short installation time

3 – High resistance

4 – No maintenance needed

If you consider these opportunities, besides all the classic locations we've already seen, this app is suitable for even more situations, such as:

1 – Theme parks

2 – Campsites

3 – Shopping centers

4 – Pedestrian areas

5 – Cycle paths


Among the places that have obtained good results with Ideal Work products, there are two of the largest representatives of the theme park industry, welcoming more than 17 million visitors each year: Disneyland Paris and Gardaland, in Peschiera del kept.

How To Stain And Score Concrete To Look Like Wood

Let's Make It Equipment Bristle Brush


Cement/drywall mixing accessory

Squeeze bottle


blue ribbon

Protective filmy paper or plastic

rounded trowel

punch tool

Large straight edge / ruler

Rafter square

Pressure Pump Sprayer Materials Etching Solvent

Fast setting epoxy

Quartz powder (optional)

Thick and colored concrete

Two dye colors

Gloss Clear Epoxy / Alternate Top Coat

Protective sealant / Urethane

01 / 12 Clean the surface

Decorate and more with Tip

The first thing to do when making a concrete wooden floor: always start with a clean surface! 02 / 12 Create your joint filler mix

Delrailey Designs | Youtube

Because concrete is a medium that must completely settle and form in the area where it is poured, you will need to fill all your cracks and joints to create a clean, unbroken surface to work with. 05 / 12 Lay the first section of concrete

Delrailey Designs | Youtube

For the Delrailey Designs method, you don't actually need to use any pads or tape to create the wood texture, and it requires very few tools to achieve it.

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Hardwood Stamped Concrete Floors

Best Rated Wood Texture Concrete Flooring In Orlando Florida

This system sometimes called faux wood, faux wood or concrete wood offers the timeless look of hardwood floors with the durability of concrete.

Wood Stamped Concrete Interior Floors

Wood Stamped Concrete – Beautiful And Durable

Everyone loves the look of a beautiful hardwood floor. However, real hardwood floors are expensive and require significant maintenance. Even durable wood flooring can be susceptible to water damage and scratches that come with normal wear and tear. Other faux wood options, like laminate and tile, offer varying degrees of durability and cost depending on the materials and brand. These different pads give your floor or patio the look and color of wood with the great benefits of concrete.

Wood Look Stamped Concrete Floor

Weatherwood Plank | Concrete Stamp Set – 11 Pc

They are both very easy to use: the powders should be brushed on the stamps and also diffused over the area of ​​concrete you are going to stamp. You do NOT want the grout lines from the pads to go through the entire layering mixture, this could compromise the strength and durability of the project. The sealant in most stamped concrete jobs will last longer, saving you time and money with sealing projects.

# Images | Wood Stamped Concrete Floor - Stamped Concrete Patterns

Wood Grain Concrete Stamp Roller - Indoor Stamped Concrete Floor Cost

Wood Stamped Concrete Floor - Floor Stamping Machine 1 Save

Stamped Concrete Floors Indoors - Wood Stamped Concrete Patio

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