Wood Floor Stair Nose

Wood Floor Stair Nose

Stair Nosing Solution For Wood

Full compatibility with our standard floorboards is ensured by the 2-lock installation system, ensuring a tight, gap-free joint. The minimalist design of the 90° angles creates a modern and elegant transition between the stairs and the floor. Choose your stair nosing profile according to your staircase solution (open staircase, glued or floating installation). When ordering stair nosings, please bear in mind that a typical staircase is 900mm wide with 14-17 steps.

Red Oak - Saddle

Whether you're planning to DIY or hire someone to help, we've got your hardwood questions answered.

Stair Nose Nature'S Collection Hardwood Flooring

Orders placed online are normally processed and shipped within 1-2 days. For rush orders or to confirm delivery times, please call our support team. Once an order has been shipped, estimated transit times are as follows: East Coast 2-4 days and West Coast 5-6 business days. Also, orders of 15 boxes/packs or less will not include a tailgate as they can be easily unloaded by hand. For these types of orders, we recommend that you request assistance if needed at the time of delivery to manually unload from the truck. In the rare case of missing items or damage, a note should be made on the driver's delivery receipt noting the problem.

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Wood Floor Stair Nose Installation

Paradigm Molding – Flush Stair Nose

Overlapping stair nosing molding can be used in combination with flush molding to allow for a transaction at the top of the stairs, where it would transition from a different floating floor to the first step. Also, using two 8-penny flat-head nails, nail the stair nosing flush about 3 inches. If the stairs are very long, be sure to face two 8-penny finish nails about every 20 inches from the molding. Overlapping stair nosings have a small protruding piece that overlaps the floating floor and hides the expansion gap, leaving room for the floating floor to flow freely. Overlapping stair nosing pieces are typically only used at the top of the stair, where they would transition from a floating floor to the first step. Glue the overlapped stair nosing to the subfloor using construction adhesive, making sure to leave enough space for the required expansion gap. Also, using two 8-cent flat-head nails, nail the overlap stair nose approximately 3 inches from each end as well as in the center of the overlap stair nose piece. It is important with Overlap Stair Nose pieces to remember to attach the molding to the subfloor and not to the floating floor you are overlapping.

Wood Flooring Stair Nose Price

Stairs Nosing

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We sell an extensive range of flooring accessories and tools to ensure that all of your flooring solutions are finished and flooring accessories are to the highest possible standard. At Floorco Flooring we want you to do it right the first time, so be sure to take a look at some of the extras you can add to your flooring. All the accessories we supply are of the highest quality, so whether you're turning your outdoor space into a treasured garden or bringing that tired front room back to life with new flooring, you can be sure we've got it all. what you need under one roof. An aluminum stair nosing for use on the edge of a step or stair, to provide a professional looking finish to your laminate, wood or spc floor.

Wooden Floor Stair Nosing

Got Stairs?

If you have stairs, you have a home essential with equal aesthetic potential to the rest of your floors. Whether you're finishing a project or starting a new one, consider your stairs and give them the much-needed upgrade.

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Oak Stair Nosing - Oak Stair Nosing

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Wooden Stair Nosing Screwfix - Hardwood Stair Nose Molding Flush

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