White Cabinets Dark Wood Floors

White Cabinets Dark Wood Floors

Blending Dark Kitchen Cabinets With Wood Floors

Dark gray kitchen cabinets go well with whitewashed or high-dimming floors. Espresso Wood cabinets pair well with honey or blond wood colors

The dark green cabinets go well with the light oak wood floors

Black kitchen cabinets benefit from gray engineered wood floors

Dark wood cabinets with light wood floors

New Jersey Kitchen Interior Designer

We welcome when a customer suggests dark kitchen cabinet colors during our initial consultation. White kitchen cabinets will continue to dominate our market, but we continue to see an increase in customers requesting dark brown kitchen cabinets, dark gray kitchen cabinets and even darker shades of blue and green cabinets are more discussed today than ever. We're here to say, feel free to mix dark wood cabinetry with hardwood floors. So, let's take a look at some dark kitchen cabinet and wood flooring color combinations that work well together. In 2020 we are seeing a trend towards lighter colors for wooden floors in the kitchen and we think this is working in your favor. Below is a dark espresso color paired with a honey colored hardwood floor. The dark wood cabinets really shine better when we take a look at the whole picture which includes the kitchen lighting rather than being narrow on the cabinets and floors. This seems like the most obvious thing to do when working with dark brown and dark green kitchen cabinets. cabinets, but you'd be surprised how many DIY homeowners choose to try and match an espresso-colored cabinet stain with dark wood flooring. The color swatches from a flooring manufacturer will never match a cabinet manufacturer, no matter how hard you try. dark kitchen cabinets. Engineered vinyl plank flooring for kitchens is perfect and prices often match our customers' budgets. You will see that the color of the center island cabinets and the quartz countertops provide the contrast we seek to achieve in kitchens using dark woods.

Full Marble Island Dark Wood Floors White Cabinets

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Can You Have White Cabinets With Espresso Hardwood Floors?

I was on Google recently, and three times in a row, with different searches, this message came up at the very top: How To Completely Mess Up Your Kitchen Renovation: A Step-by-Step Tutorial. Under 'Huge Mistake #1', here's what she shared:

When we went cabinet shopping, we shopped everywhere: big box stores, tiny cabinet makers in boutiques, weird warehouses in the ghetto, etc. At one location, a "designer" walked around the showroom to help customers choose their finishes. To which she replied, “Oh, you don't want white cabinets. I've often wondered how someone could have a Pinterest board full of images of their perfect kitchen and end up with something that doesn't look like they thought they wanted. Even more so than when I wrote this post: Ask Maria: Help, I don't want the same kitchen as everyone else! Anyway, I wrote this post about white vs cream kitchens in September 2009, where I said that brown goes with creams and white goes with black. I want to be clear, this is a general guideline to keep in mind when thinking about brown versus black. You know I live to make sure your kitchen is a space that fills you with happiness when you walk through the door, which means there can only be room for advice taken JUST literally :) xoxo Maria

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If you want your home to fill you with happiness every time you walk through the door, become a customer. To get the right exterior colors, download my webinar How to Choose Exterior Colors with Confidence and get my list of colors. Download my eBook, How to Choose Paint Colors - It's All in the Swatches for my complete step-by-step system on how to get the color to do what you want and how to make sure your home's swatches are correct. , get great samples! If you want to learn how to choose a color with confidence, become a True Color expert.

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White Kitchen Cabinets Dark Wood Floors

10 Beautiful Kitchens With Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood floors have the potential to make a huge design impact and will hold up well over the years - if you have kids or pets, you'll be grateful to have it. While there are many benefits to using dark hardwood floors in the kitchen, many homeowners shy away from them due to the perceived design issues that will follow. The answer to both questions is "no" because this type of flooring is perfect for kitchens of all sizes and styles. Modern farmhouse style

The floor finish of this kitchen perfectly matches its relaxed and casual modern farmhouse style. A varied tile backsplash and white cabinets were chosen to pair with the floor, and exposed beams on the ceiling with a dark wood mirror below. Pops of color placed throughout the space keep things interesting and cheerful, and the metallic light fixtures in the center of the kitchen are the perfect touch. Elsewhere in the room are cabinetry that matches the island style, stainless steel appliances, and white subway tiles. The floor below has a very dark stain, as do the open shelving by the kitchen sink. It was a good idea to choose white cabinets to balance the color of the floor, and the addition of the carpet was even brighter. simply classy

If you love classic, timeless, simple and elegant designs, you can't go wrong with choosing dark hardwood floors for your kitchen. A farmhouse-style sink, clean-lined white cabinets and beautiful marble and tile work together to create a kitchen that is not only attractive but inviting. Contemporary atmosphere

Even contemporary kitchens can look great with dark hardwood floors, and this one takes things a step further by including cabinetry that's also dark. The tones of the floors, table, and bar stools work well together, and they are complemented by the style of the light fixtures in the space. Not only is this design beautiful, but the kitchen is very well organized to make cooking, entertaining and socializing a breeze. Open and bright

The floors in this kitchen are quite dark, but it's a stark contrast to the shiny stainless steel, white cabinets, and marble seen elsewhere in the space. Simply well done

You don't need a huge kitchen to have dark hardwood floors or to achieve a great look. This kitchen is pretty compact, but it's still well-organized, chic, and dripping with style. Its clean look is part of what makes this design so standout, as is the choice to opt for slate lower cabinets to contrast with the parquet flooring. beautiful marble

Marble pairs exceptionally well with dark hardwood floors, as this design shows.

White Cabinets Black Countertops Wood Floors

We will discuss the following countertop and flooring combinations in more detail:

Matching counters and floors

Dark counters with light floor

Light counters with light floor

Dark counters with contrasting dark colored flooring

Light counters with neutral flooring

Neutral counters with light floor

Monochromatic color palette with light countertops and dark flooring

Monochromatic color palette with dark countertops and dark flooring

Stainless steel counter with dark flooring

While choosing your countertop and floor colors is a big decision, it will likely only be a small part of your kitchen remodeling process. We'll discuss lighter or darker colors for floors and countertops, how to match the two, and popular colors for your countertops. In the example above, light natural colored wood floors contrast with black countertops for an unmatched look, making the countertops the focal point of the room. Dark counters with contrasting dark colored flooring

To create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your kitchen, consider using dark countertops with dark flooring in a contrasting color. Neutral counters with light floor

Consider light floors and cabinets with neutral-colored countertops for a clean, modern look with a little extra warmth.

White Cabinets Black Counters Wood Floors

White Or Wood Cabinets – Which Is The Better Choice For Your Kitchen?

In this post:

How to Achieve the Right Balance of Wood Tones and White Tones in Your Kitchen

When trying to decide whether you want to go for white or wood cabinets, you want to take a step back and first consider the overall look you want. Achieving the 50 – 50 balance between white and warm in your kitchen

To create a beautiful and cohesive look in your kitchen, consider making your color and material choices to get closer to a 50-50 balance of whites and warm tones/colors in your kitchen. There are 4 main components in the materials of a kitchen:


In your selections of these 4 materials, work to select 2 of the 4 whites and 2 of the 4 warms. Here are some examples:





All of these combinations will create the same balanced and inviting overall look for your kitchen. If you are starting from scratch in a new kitchen, you can use my 50 – 50 Warm To White Balance method described above. I started with warm wood cabinetry (honey oak), warm oak floors and warm toned granite countertops. Add some wreaths on a few cabinets, although it's not white, it still visually tones down some of the wood. The combination of the light neutral wall color, the 3×12 cream tile backsplash, the addition of a white quartz island and the removable flap on the exposed cabinet on the right side helped create the right balance between white and the warm tones of the room. . I'm not sure what the counters were originally, but even without counting that it had 75 hot considering my 50 - 50 white to hot the piece was unbalanced. You can see how she has created a balance between the white/warm ratio in the room by having light floors in warm tones, a wood accent on her stove hood, wood beams added to the ceiling, wood decor on the counter and wood-toned window blinds in the breakfast nook. CARCARBAROAD.COM's Jess is also a fantastic example of balancing wood and white tones to create a warm, inviting and cozy kitchen that is still so light, bright and airy that you would love to stay in it all day!

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