Sprinter Van Conversion Floor Plans

Sprinter Van Conversion Floor Plans

If you want to start converting your van, even before you have your van, the planner will put you on the right track. The planner is for people who like to wake up in the morning of a big construction day and know what to expect from upcoming tasks. If that sounds like you, then this planner can really save you time and money and get you traveling around the world much sooner. This may NOT be the best fit for you if the measurements don't matter to you, if it's for the wrong vehicle, or if you expect this layout planner to have sample layouts fully detailed (this planner is for you to fill in with your designs, not ours). Building something meaningful (and lasting) takes time, and converting a van into a motorhome is no exception.

Sprinter Camper Van Conversion For Family Of Five: Layout, Build Plans & Complete Parts List

With experience from our first build, more money to fund the build (our first build was a $5,000 budget build and this time we spent $10,000 with key upgrades in the electrical department), and more free time, we imagined built van 2.0. Unique features of our construction include:

Factory seats for five (very important to us for safe installation of child car seats)

Queen+ size upper platform bed (halfway between a Queen and a King)

Full-size lower bed that can be removed to serve as a gear garage (with plenty of space under the upper bed for mountain bikes)

Kitchenette with fridge, stove, farmhouse sink and plenty of storage space

Hidden portable toilet, full-size hamper, full-size trash can (with kids it's important to have a dedicated space for all the trash! While we appreciated that space to store shoes in our previous build, we like that it doesn't overlap the window this time, is easier for the little ones to use, and it allowed for better delineation between the bed and the kitchen, which we designated with a backsplash of hexagonal tiles. previous), but decided to color them using General Fishes Java gel stain and poly this time instead of using the natural butcher joint. If I learned one thing from the latest van build, it's that a dedicated waste space (laundry basket and trash can) was essential when traveling with kids. The top platform bed was mounted at 36" high which left enough room below for a potential garage with enough headroom for mountain bikes and also left enough head room above for that adults can sit on their bed (one thing I learned in the last version is that headroom was very important to me) The top platform bed is made up of seven planks 2×8 deck sprung between two full-length support benches on either side (these housed the power and water as well as additional storage) so it is extremely sturdy.The driver's side bank houses the water system, which includes this 21 gallon fresh water tank that made as narrow a bank as possible around the wheel arch, a Shurflo water pump system (water pump and accumulator), and this hot water Camplux Tankless Propane Heater with shower accessory that attaches to the back door. The passenger side bank houses the electrical system, which includes two Renogy 100 amp-hour lithium batteries installed in parallel (this was one of our major upgrades in the 2.0 version of the lithium batteries and a complete Renogy electrical configuration). Our last van had a generator-powered AC unit, but we found that overkill, so we stuck with the dual fan system this time around, although we pre-wired the van (with a heavy gauge wire) for possible future installation of a 12V AC unit.

7 Best Class B Floor Plans With Bathrooms

Winnebago Revel 4×4

Main features of the Winnebago Revel 4×4

Sleeps: 3

Length: 19.7 feet

Fresh tank size: 21 gallons

Gray tank size: variable

Black water tank size: variable

Get up-front price quotes on local inventory. For those on the budget, there aren't many motorhomes with showers and bathrooms in their floor plans on the market that compare to Revel 4×4 prices. Not only is the motorhome comes with a spacious dry bathroom, which means it has a separate toilet, shower and sink, but it also comes with a queen-size Murphy bed suite, making it the one of the most versatile RV floor plans on the market. Coach House RV Arriva V24

Key Features of Coach House RV Arrive V24

Sleeps: 4

Length: 24.2 feet

Fresh tank size: 31 gallons

Gray tank size: 20 gallons

Black tank size: 13 gallons

Get up-front price quotes on local inventory. We purchased a warranty through Wholesale Warranties for several reasons:

We may void the warranty at any time and obtain a pro-rated refund

We can transfer the warranty to the new owner if we decide to sell our RV

There is no mileage cap on our policy

We can use repair shops all over the country

We can use a mobile repair company directly at our campsite

The price is much better than most dealerships

We could fund the warranty cost

With parts and labor prices constantly rising, we have peace of mind

You owe it to yourself to at least check out a warranty and get a free quote to see if it's right for you.

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Sprinter Van Camper Floor Plans

Floor Plan & Interior Layout

We are Isabelle and Antoine 🙂 In 2017, we sold our house (and everything in it), left our engineering careers and moved into our self-built motorhome. We've been on the road ever since, and every day is an opportunity for a new adventure; we are chasing our dreams, and I hope this inspires others to do the same!

Layout Sprinter Van Conversion Floor Plans

Campervan Layout Ideas For A Self Built Camper Conversion

Planning a layout in a Mercedes Sprinter LWB camper van conversion

1st steps

First, if you haven't already, head over to social media and look at other van setups. Try before you buy - Rent a motorhome

Then try to go see a van with the layout you think you want or, ideally, rent one to try it out. You might just find that something you thought you absolutely needed isn't really essential and you might be making better use of the space or vice versa. Quirky Campers offers a wide range of quality, handcrafted motorhomes available with a host of different configurations to try out. Design and plan a motorhome layout

It is then essential that you spend a lot of time sketching out different layout options. After looking at many conversions with both width and length beds, we decided to go with a width bed to keep the feeling of space in the van. After a while, we felt the cross-bed in the sprinter (one of the narrowest vans available) was a little too tight. We have a pop-up shower which is quick and easy to use when needed - see our blog on how to keep clean in a motorhome to see how it works. Garage space: There is a massive garage space under the bed which holds all of our adventure gear (including a bike), water and the fridge. Garage cupboard: A small part of the garage has been sectioned off and accessed from inside the van, giving us ample space under the bed for things we need to access on a daily basis. Under the benches: Make sure to maximize the space under the benches by using partitions (this makes things much neater). Wall cupboards - We didn't want too many wall cupboards as they can make the van feel claustrophobic. Shelves - We have small shelves scattered around the van that hold spices (we love to cook), essential whiskey supplies and an iPad shelf next to the bed for movie nights. First, read our blog on ways to cook in a motorhome to see if you need an oven. Other people may need to store a lot less because they only have their vans for holidays and don't like to cook.

144 Sprinter Van Conversion Floor Plans

Van Floor Plans

The first row of seats can be removed and replaced by a removable kitchen with foot pump to make it your weekend motorhome. 48" Bed Rails | 2 rows of Mercedes Benz benches for 3 people | Storage under the bed | Removable kitchen possible.

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