Ray Warren House

Ray Warren House

Taking advantage of the fact that Víctor Matellano traveled to Tabernas on October 30 to receive his "Spirit of the West" award tribute and deliver a short speech at the Almería Western Film Festival (AWFF) 2022, I visited Fort Bravo - Texas Hollywood to meet him in person and interview him, as I am a great admirer of his work. Matellano is the director and screenwriter of the horror and fantasy films (feature films) Wax (2014), Vampyres (2015), Stop in Hell (2016) (a western with horror elements) and Vampus Horror Tales (2020) ; as well as the short films La cañada de los ingleses (2014) and Llámame Vampus (2018), among others. On the book side, he has written around thirty individual and collective works to date, including his own books Spanish Horror (with a presentation by Christopher Lee and a prologue by Paul Naschy, second edition, 2017), Terror at the Wax Museum ( which includes the never-before-seen scenario "Horror at the Wax Museum" by Paul Naschy, 2017) and Spanish Exploitation. I did not work with him as such in any film, even if I accompanied him on the set, and I could for example see him transform into a werewolf in Lycanthrope: the killer of the full moon (Francisco Rodríguez Gordillo, 1996).

Welcome to the Neighborhood (2022)

4.3 (3)

Welcome to the original neighborhood: The Watcher

Year: 2022•Country: United States

Directed by: Paris Barclay, Jennifer Lynch, Ryan Murphy, Max Winkler

Screenplay: Ian Brennan, Ryan Murphy, Reeves Wiedeman, Reilly Smith, Todd Kubrak

Produced by: Lou Eyrich, Todd Kubrak, Kip Myers, Todd Nenninger, Danielle Wang

With: Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Mia Farrow, Terry Kinney, Henry Hunter Hall, Isabel Gravitt, Luke David Blumm, Jennifer Coolidge, Christopher McDonald, Noma Dumezweni, Margo Martindale, Joe Mantello, Warren Sroka, Richard Kind, Seth Gabel, Michael Fed

Welcome to the Neighborhood, the new adventure from producer, screenwriter and director Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) on Netflix brings an avalanche of emotions to the citizen who wants to watch it: curiosity and disinterest, tension and irritation, joy and foreign shame, bittersweet… that is to say, at the same time as we embark on the journey, we realize halfway through that the luxurious ocean liner has turned into a leaky canoe which, unfortunately, will have to dock before the final destination in a port of a very cheesy small town. The package is tantalizing (Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Margo Martindale, Mia Farrow, Jennifer Coolidge), in a story that starts well, based on a real event that took place in Westfield, New Jersey, where a couple with two children buys their dream house, located in these upper middle class American suburbs, to finally live in a more peaceful and pleasant place away from the big city.

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Ray Warren House Castle Hill

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform

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Ray Warren Homes

'Warren File': The House On Which The Film Is Inspired Is Being Sold Upwards To Become "A Place Of Love"

Heeding statements from the cast of 'The Sleepless Unrest: The Real Conjuring Home', a documentary that tells the true story behind the house that inspired the first 'Warren File' movie; transforming the mythical place into a "place of love" must be a challenge to say the least.

Ray Warren Tech House Song

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Shortly after Pearl Harbor, a call went out from all branches of the military for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to enlist and form medical units to be sent overseas and serve in the European and South Pacific theaters of war. Here it is: (THE LAST PAGES OF MOTHER'S WWII DIARY): PREFACE: LOOKING BACK AND REMEMBERING THE WAR 9 November 1946 Brushing the molars and inspecting the rather obvious crow's feet around the eyes, I became somewhat introspective and wondered how long I would hold together. Often Kelly and the chaplain would become so engrossed in talking about where they had been and the things they had done, that suddenly one of them would jump up and realize that I I was there with my ears open and my mouth shut.

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Channel 9 Ray Warren Tribute - The 250 Best Songs of the 1990s

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