54 Best Does Shorts Hurt Your Channel

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Does Shorts Hurt Your Channel

54 Best Does Shorts Hurt Your Channel | Should I Do Youtube Shorts

  1. LEGO is one of the most popular brands on YouTube, and it’s not hard to see why. We love how they make great use of the channels section to promote their other channels. Using different channels allows your brand to be more focused on specific areas. For example, LEGO’s Gaming channel is made exclusively to promote and create content about gaming. Source: Internet
  2. For instance, I found this recently launched Adidas sneaker’s review on Seth Fowler’s channel. He links to its listing on the sneaker marketplace,, in the first line of his video’s description. Source: Internet
  3. From makeup artists to dermatologists to even ER techs–there are a wide variety of content creators leveraging YouTube Shorts to attract viewers and engage their audience. For example, Doctorly is a YouTube channel run by two dermatologists. They regularly create Shorts to provide bite-sized medical tips and insights that can inform and educate their viewers. Source: Internet
  4. “The channels that made Shorts actually seem to be growing faster. We anticipate that audience demand for short-form content is here to stay. This is a format that's becoming increasingly popular, and the very reason we've been investing so much in more mobile-first creation tools and Shorts Discovery.” Source: Internet
  5. And of course, if a new potential customer finds your brand via Shorts and subscribes, they’re automatically subscribed to your long-form content as well. So this gives you an entirely new outlet to increase your channel subscriptions. Win-win, right? Source: Internet
  6. But like Tiktok, it has remained stagnant for a while now. Let's see if it will get a sudden boost after a month or so like most Shorts I've observed from other channels -- they started off as having a sudden spurt of views in the first week. Some views trickle in afterward though not that many, but after a month , there's a sudden exponential growth in views. Source: Internet
  7. The average rate an advertiser pays can vary between $0.1 to $0.3 per ad view and an average channel can get $18 per 1000 ad views. So an average video creator can make $4.18 for every 1000 views. Source: Internet
  8. With entertaining short-form videos being all the rage lately, YouTube Shorts has also grown in popularity. It provides an excellent way to get your content in front of the right viewers and subsequently draw them into your channel. In this post, we give you a breakdown of what YouTube Shorts is, where Shorts videos appear, why you should create them, and more. Let’s dive in. Source: Internet
  9. I am pretty politically geared, so it was interesting to see political creators speaking up about what they believe in. Things went further and further, though. I got and still get a truckload of shorts about sexual assault awareness. This is important to be vocal about, but it is quite odd to repeatedly see this on my page when I haven’t interacted with any videos of this type. About one in three shorts I see are of this nature. Source: Internet
  10. The key is to plan and create your content ahead of time with a posting schedule for your YouTube channel. You can make use of YouTube Scheduling tools to automatically publish your videos on time. Now, when your subscribers expect a new video from your channel, they will not be disappointed by your prompt uploads. Source: Internet
  11. But the real benefit of Shorts content is exposure. It is pretty easy to quickly get in front of a large audience with the right video. This means YouTube creators get a golden opportunity to scale their channel growth and boost their engagement rate. Source: Internet
  12. Sticking to an upload schedule can be super helpful for the consistency of your channel, and it can help you plan your content better. Check out your YouTube Analytics page to see what day and time has been showing you the most success and try to continue posting then. For example, if your analytics tell you that your videos do especially well at 12pm on Fridays, make that your weekly upload slot. Source: Internet
  13. For months, creators complained that their viral Shorts had no positive effect on long-form videos. They were no additional views, no extra subscribers, and no channel growth overall. If there was a boost, it was minuscule. Source: Internet
  14. Oftentimes, the shorts that are the most anger-inducing are indirectly offensive. They are meant to humiliate a group by trying their very hardest to make an individual look unintelligent. The most common type I see is a homophobic interviewer asking questions to a specific person who is in no way representative of the entire group. The interviewee answers in ways that the majority of the audience would find ridiculous, causing the comments to interrupt into hate towards the interviewee. Source: Internet
  15. "The principle to follow is: Same audience? Same channel. Different audience? Different channel. So, it depends on your goals. Some creators (including MrBeast) made a separate channel to experiment with Shorts but are now uploading Shorts on their primary channel," Beaupré says. Source: Internet
  16. Strikes come down, eventually: As long as you haven’t struck out, community guideline strikes and copyright strikes disappear after 90 days from the time they’re issued. At that point, YouTube restores any channel privileges you lost while you waited out the strike. If you draw three community guideline strikes or three copyright strikes over a 90-day period, your YouTube channel will be terminated.

    \r Source: Internet
  17. In YouTube Analytics, use the Traffic Sources section to find out what words viewers are using in the search bar to find your channel and videos. It’s a good idea to consider the top keywords for your title, or at least your description because they’re already tried and tested words that have been proven to bring traffic to your channel. Do this in moderation, however. You don’t want to be using random words that aren’t relevant to the topic. Source: Internet
  18. Don’t blindly follow the money. Your product and brand recommendations should add value to the lives of your audience, be relevant to your channel’s theme, and blend seamlessly with your video — else your audience will get turned off. Disclose paid partnerships: Your subscribers trust you, but you could lose that by hiding that you’re getting paid for a product recommendation. Here are the kind of comments you might get on your video if you don’t disclose being paid by brands for creating a video: Source: Internet
  19. There are two schools of thought regarding creating a separate channel for Shorts content. Yes, absolutely, and no, definitely not. The thing is, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends on what you as a creator feel comfortable with. Source: Internet
  20. Managing and scheduling videos for different YouTube channels can be tricky if you are relying only on YouTube’s native platform. SocialPilot allows you to connect multiple YouTube channels to a single dashboard. Plan and execute your video marketing strategies for all your YouTube channels with SocialPilot. Schedule and get your Youtube videos and Shorts published on time, every time. Start Your 14-day Trial Source: Internet
  21. Viewers will see videos from the channels they subscribe to on the Subscriptions page. Gaining subscribers will help to ensure you’ll have a more loyal following. Use YouTube Analytics to check your subscribers’ watch times, as this is a helpful way to see what works well for your following. Source: Internet
  22. YouTube also allows you to promote your verified site through cards after you’ve associated it with your channel. So you can consider setting up a dedicated Ecommerce store using Shopify. It will make for a personalized experience for your audience. Source: Internet
  23. Joining the YouTube Partner Program can unlock a lot of earning opportunities including generating revenue from ads. It requires you to hit 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of watch time over the last year, amongst other eligibility criteria. If you haven’t touched those numbers, offer your own services, and approach brands for collaboration to monetize your channel from the first video. Source: Internet
  24. To compete with Patreon and keep viewers within its ecosystem, YouTube launched its own tiered channel memberships. It lets you offer special perks such as emojis, badges, and more to paying viewers. You get to keep 70% of the membership revenue. Source: Internet
  25. Does this mean that you should have separate channels for your Shorts and long videos? According to YouTube, the answer is no unless each audience for each has separate interests. That would mean that if you’re only concentrating on your music, then it’s good to have both. If your shorts are based on funny outtakes from your shows, then maybe a separate channel is appropriate. Source: Internet
  26. "At VidCon, I spoke about YouTube building a bridge to better connect Shorts to long-form discovery. Today, the first lane on that bridge opened. Recommendations now consider recent long-form videos from channels the viewer watches in Shorts." Source: Internet
  27. Your videos must be original to your channel. That means videos are automatically deemed ineligible for the bonus if they’re reuploaded from channels owned by other content creators or contain watermarks/logos from other social media platforms. Non-original videos such as unedited clips from TV shows and movies are also ineligible. Source: Internet
  28. Generally, creators interlace product reviews with informational and educational videos. Variety keeps their viewers engaged and interests their creative appetite as well. But many channels, like Carlo Ople, exclusively focus their channel on unboxing, reviews, and the like: Source: Internet
  29. Some channels, such as Peachybbies, which sells handmade slime, exclusively create Shorts. The channel doesn’t have long-form videos but uploads Shorts almost every day. Serving as a testimony to the visibility of Shorts, many of these videos get over 800,000 views–almost as much as the channel subscriber count (which currently stands at 922,000). Source: Internet
  30. You can also offer one-on-one coaching sessions to your viewers. While you’ll be trading your time for money, you can charge a decent amount depending on the skill you’re going to teach. Years ago, I found Chris’s channel, “Learn British English Free”, a self-explanatory name about his expertise. Source: Internet
  31. Video is eating the internet, and as a video creator, YouTube is an incredible place to get exposure for your work. However, pay through AdSense is dismal, and the top earners eat over 90% of the pie. So experiment with multiple monetization strategies depending on what makes sense for your YouTube channel. Source: Internet
  32. VI. Why Do Some Youtube Shorts Flop? Again, it takes time (usually a month) before Shorts videos blow up. So if you just uploaded that video this week, no pressure. Just keep creating good quality content whether in Shorts or in normal format, depending on your goals for your channel. Source: Internet
  33. Take an hour or so every week and engage with your audience. Reply to as many comments on your videos as possible, or even just like them (commenting is best, though). Being engaged with your viewers will help you see more success on your channel, and give you a much better chance of the algorithm noticing you. Viewers appreciate a response, and it helps to build a real connection between them and your brand. Source: Internet
  34. One of the best ways to increase watch time on your channel is to encourage viewers to check out your next video. There are a few ways you can do this. Of course, you can ask your viewers to check out your channel at the end of the video, but you should also make use of YouTube’s features. Source: Internet
  35. For such coaching and consulting services, place a direct call to action at the end of your video asking viewers to get in touch over email. Creating a “hire me” (or similar services page) on your website could facilitate a more persuasive experience for prospects who are considering your services. You can promote this page itself on your channel. Source: Internet
  36. You can monetize your YouTube Shorts using the YouTube Shorts Fund. This is a $100 million fund dedicated to creators who are publishing YouTube Shorts specifically as a way to incentivize creators and businesses to use this new feature. If you’ve monetized your YouTube channel, creating Shorts is yet another way to increase the revenue you’re generating. Source: Internet
  37. YouTube Shorts are a great way to improve the performance of your YouTube channel overall. Don’t forget to check out our guide to find more ways to increase your video views. Then start creating, publishing and promoting your YouTube video content. Source: Internet
  38. Shorts appear in a number of places within the YouTube app, making them highly discoverable and therefore, a great way to attract viewers who aren’t already subscribed to your channel. It even has its dedicated tab, which you can access by tapping on the “Shorts” button at the bottom of the screen on the mobile app. The same tab can be accessed from the left-hand panel on the YouTube website. Source: Internet
  39. Does your content get enough engagement? It’s becoming more and more difficult to get the engagement you need for your channel with all the competition out there. There are ways to accelerate your engagement such as to buy Youtube subscribers from a third-party provider. It could enhance your chance of success. Source: Internet
  40. Being highly discoverable on the YouTube homepage, Shorts are an excellent way for content creators to expand their reach and grow their audience base. Think of Shorts as free samples to attract foot traffic to a store. They can give people a glimpse into your content quality and potentially get them to visit your channel and watch more of your content. Source: Internet
  41. For instance, Channel Junkies shared their genuine review of TubeBuddy, a YouTube growth tool. Their audience is realtors with a YouTube channel. So Jackson, the channel owner, shares tips on how the software could grow the channels of his subscribers. Source: Internet
  42. When it comes to figuring out whether you should concentrate on long form or shorts, that question appears to be one that’s determined more by your audience. Some viewers prefer shorter videos while the length doesn’t matter to others. Given the popularity of TikTok these days, I’d err on the side of shorter is better. That said, longer videos of over an hour tend to build community, and it’s fairly easy to pull a few moments from these to make something more appropriate for a Short. Source: Internet
  43. : But not too much. Choose a keyword from your video that will stand out, or something exciting that’s related to the video. Keep it simple, because your title will explain more, but do use space in your thumbnail for text. Include your logo: This is a surefire way to let viewers know this is your brand’s video. It also helps with giving your channel a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing overall look. Source: Internet
  44. Plus, Shorts also show up on the homepage of the YouTube app. So there are plenty of opportunities for people to notice your Shorts–whether on the homepage or actively looking for Shorts to watch. This allows you to get your content in front of potential viewers who aren’t already subscribed to your channel but have shown an interest in content similar to yours. Source: Internet
  45. VIII. Can We Run Ads on Youtube Shorts and What is The Youtube Shorts Fund? Edited on 4/24/2022: For monetized channels, YES we can run ads on Youtube shorts regardless of how viewers discover them: whether through Suggested or Home feeds or through the dedicated Short Shelf or Short section. BUT we only earn from them if viewers stumble upon them in their Suggested or Home sections. But if viewers discovered them through the Shorts section, no ads will run. Source: Internet
  46. Add a call-to-action for viewers to watch your other videos like adding cards or end screens or check out the description or pinned comment. You may also tell them to like (or dislike -- doesn't matter really, what you want is engagement and dislike is STILL engagement lol). Do not, I repeat, DO NOT tell them to subscribe to your channel. Put that "subscribe to my channel" call-to-action instead of in your regular videos -- again, to avoid dead subscribers who aren't interested in watching your regular normal videos at all (unless it's a channel specifically for Shorts alone) Source: Internet
  47. Whether you’re just starting out on YouTube, or you already have a (successful) channel, you’ll always have the urge at some point to work on a YouTube intro. The goal: put it at the very beginning of every video you publish. But should you? Source: Internet
  48. As you can see on the screenshot above, videos never get 100% of audience retention. Actually, 50%+ is a great score! (This channel still has some work to do.) Source: Internet
  49. Creators are seeing success with both approaches. YouTube says that you should consider whether your Shorts content is significantly different from your main channel uploads, and if it is, then maybe creating a separate channel makes sense. But if not, it can work as a great compliment to your broader content strategy. Source: Internet
  50. Start researching sponsors of competitor channels with a similar size. Also, email outreach companies in your niche enquiring about their interest in branded content. Marketplaces such as Grapevine and Famebit might work better in the beginning. Below is a snapshot from Shoutcart where YouTube creators can post their gigs. Source: Internet
  51. Of course, that’s probably the answer that you’d expect from YouTube, which wants to capitalize on short-form content however it can. But it does also make sense. As more people engage with short-form content, those clips can act as an ad, of sorts, for your main channel, which can then help you reach more users. Source: Internet
  52. The other kind of unsettling clips I see is far, far worse than the latter. I am getting an influx of hateful 30-second videos that oftentimes ruin my entire day. I always dislike the video and select “don’t recommend this channel,” but time and time again, these videos pop up. Source: Internet
  53. Finally, a question that pops up is if a channel needs a certain number of Shorts before the algorithm notices. Every Short is given a chance to succeed no matter the channel or the number of videos on the channel. Performance is based solely on whether your audience watches or skips the video in the Shorts feed. Source: Internet
  54. Rick Beato, one of my favorite creators, runs a dedicated channel for his live streams. The viewers often drop in with monetary contributions with their messages. In exchange, the names and messages by the donors are pinned in the live chat for a specific period, and they receive a shout out from Beato. Source: Internet

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