31 About Can You Make Youtube Shorts On Pc

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Can You Make Youtube Shorts On Pc

31 About Can You Make Youtube Shorts On Pc | #Shorts:How to Upload Shorts To YouTube From PC

  1. Hence by following the steps given above, you can upload Youtube Shorts from your PC. You do not need to specify whether it is shorts or not. Any video up to 60 seconds is uploaded in Shorts by Youtube. Source: Internet
  2. You can find shorts by tapping on the shorts icon in the YouTube app. You can also discover shorts by tapping on the home screen in the YouTube app. After tapping a short, you can scroll to see more shorts videos. You can also find them in your subscriptions fee and on the YouTube section on your channel homepage. Source: Internet
  3. Part 1: The Do's and Don'ts of Creating YouTube Shorts Video Creating YouTube Shorts video can be easy but also fantastic. You can record a multi-segments of footage and string them together, add music from a large library of songs that will continue to grow, and control speed to make your shorts video more flexible and creative. But there are still a few caveats that need to be considered. As the name implies, YouTube Shorts requires a short video - no more than 60 seconds. When you record video with Shorts app, it should be less than 15 seconds. Source: Internet
  4. Many of you might know that you can search for videos on YouTube using hashtags. For this, you just have to add the hashtag and the keyword you are searching for. By using this method you can watch and search all shorts videos on the YouTube platform via PC or Laptop. Source: Internet
  5. You can view others YouTube short videos from PC by type #shorts in YouTube search bar. To time save you can visit directly from PC. Source: Internet
  6. If you want to watch shorts from specific channels, categories or creators you can do so using the search method. This is a very easy and convenient way to watch Shorts on youtube. Here’s how you can do it: Source: Internet
  7. 2. Now, in the address bar after, write “/hashtag/shorts” and hit enter. Source: Internet
  8. I’m going to drag this file, How to Increase Watch Time on YouTube in 30 Seconds. Now it’s uploading. Okay, I’ve got my title in there ready because that’s what I named the file. Add a shorts description. Make sure you include the hashtag shorts in the description or the title. Source: Internet
  9. No, Youtube Shorts are not monetized. However, they do add watch time on your channel. But if you wish to monetize your channel just by uploading shorts then that is not possible. You can monetize your channel by uploading shorts to attract visitors to your channel. Source: Internet
  10. Youtube Shorts is a great way to attract visitors to your channel. You can upload a video that is already made or also record a video from your smartphone. The introduction of Shorts is inspired by Tiktok but can reach a lot more people since many more people watch Youtube every day. There are two options to upload Youtube shorts. They are: Source: Internet
  11. If using a phone, make sure you hold it vertically. If using a camera like this Canon M50, make sure it’s in the vertical position before you hit record. If using an old form video that you’ve already recorded but want to make it into a shorts video, make sure you rescale that horizontal video into a vertical video. Use the aspect ratio 9 by 16, and the dimensions 1920 pixels long by 1080 pixels wide. Source: Internet
  12. You can also add a shorts section to YouTube homepage. Simply go to customization in your dashboard. Click add section, select short videos. It says, this section will appear after a short video has been uploaded. Here’s a short section that I added to my YouTube channel homepage. Source: Internet
  13. Knowing ways to upload YouTube shorts will help you increase the watch time on your channel. This is a great way to attract visitors to your YouTube channel altogether. We hope this was a helpful article. Let us know if you have any queries. Source: Internet
  14. If you click on the analytics for any of your individual shorts videos, you will see the key moments on its retention as well as the main traffic sources. For example, in this shorts video, 85% of viewers are still watching around the 30-second mark. The top traffic sources include external, which is mostly Google search, YouTube search, direct or unknown, playlists, and other YouTube features. Source: Internet
  15. For example, mobile users can discover your shorts videos by browsing the shorts shelf from their mobile phones. YouTube says that YouTube shorts receive 6.5 billion daily views per day. Therefore it’s worthwhile trying to expose your content to a different audience. Source: Internet
  16. Uploading shorts are the same steps you should follow when uploading long videos from PC. Youtube short videos are automatically recognized as shorts and are added to the shorts Shelf. Here is steps to upload shorts to youtube from PC. Source: Internet
  17. It is also very easy to upload Youtube Shorts using your smartphone. Unlike on PC, you can also record the video from the Youtube itself to upload it. There are two options to upload the shorts on Youtube from your smartphone. They are: Source: Internet
  18. If you are a creator and mostly upload videos through your PC or laptop then you need to know how to upload YouTube shorts through the desktop. As there is no specific option to upload shorts in YouTube Creator Studio. Such that many creators face problems and have to transfer their edited shorts video from their PC to smartphones and then upload it using the YouTube application. Source: Internet
  19. After you finish uploading and optimizing YouTube short, promote it on YouTube as well as your social media sites. Click on the shorts URL, post the video, then click on share. Now share your shorts video on social media sites by clicking on each of the icons. You can also copy the URL and share with the email list or post it to your blog. Source: Internet
  20. That’s it. Youtube will now show all the shorts videos with the total number of videos as well as channels that are creating shorts. You can click on either to shart watching. Source: Internet
  21. I can’t say that YouTube is one of my major platforms but I do live stream my podcast on my channel. Most of those episodes have just a handful of views at most. But my YouTube shorts have a ton of views. For example, a recent set of five videos had about 20,000 views. So something is working. Source: Internet
  22. You can upload the shorts directly from your PC. Although there is no option to record and upload it from the camera, you can upload a pre-recorded video. You do not need to open Youtube Studio for the same. If you upload a video that is up to 60 seconds then Youtube automatically adds it as a Short. To upload Youtube shorts using your PC just follow these steps: Source: Internet
  23. There is another such easy trick that’ll help you to find Shorts videos on YouTube on your desktop or computer. Instead of typing in the address bar, you can directly search in the Youtube search bar. Follow these steps to search shorts: Source: Internet
  24. Most viewers discover the shorts videos while browsing the shorts shelf using the YouTube app on their phones. Therefore you want to upload and optimize your shorts videos so they can be found on YouTube. Later, I’ll discuss other places where your shorts videos can be discovered. Log into your YouTube channel, click the create link at the top, click upload videos, click select files, or drag and drop a file to upload. Source: Internet
  25. Youtube is a famous social media for uploading videos by Google. It is very popular and millions of people access the site every day. The new Shorts feature is getting very popular nowadays and you may want to upload it too. However, if you are a newbie, you can find it difficult to upload Youtube Shorts. Let us then discuss the solution to your problem of how to upload Youtube shorts. Source: Internet
  26. then, in the URL section type “/hashtag/shorts” after and press enter. Or simply paste this URL Source: Internet
  27. 4.add #shorts hashtag in the description or in title.( It’s help to promote and suggest your shorts) Source: Internet
  28. Go to and type the creator’s name or video category in the search bar after the “#shorts”. It should be something like this: “#shorts + gadgets”. Source: Internet
  29. So, you should note that this video should be up to 60 seconds in duration and it is to be shot in vertical position i.e. with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Also, use #shorts while uploading it. Source: Internet
  30. Youtube shorts work very similar to TikTok. You can like, comment and share shorts like tik tok videos. As well as users can add texts, filters and audios to video clips. Source: Internet
  31. You can also create YouTube shorts directly in the YouTube mobile app. Just like on Instagram or TikTok you can add songs and other text and effects. The next few pictures walk you through the process. Source: Internet

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