15 Most Youtube Shorts Are Bad

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Youtube Shorts Are Bad

15 Most Youtube Shorts Are Bad | How YouTube Shorts Algorithm Works? [Explained]

  1. I took my first look at YT shorts this week, had a 20-30 minute browse. It was mostly gaming related stuff, but it did occasionally throw in some right-wing shitheads, anti-women and anti-trans videos. Nothing in my browsing history on YT should have recommended that stuff to me. I don't see it on the main youtube page. Source: Internet
  2. I am pretty politically geared, so it was interesting to see political creators speaking up about what they believe in. Things went further and further, though. I got and still get a truckload of shorts about sexual assault awareness. This is important to be vocal about, but it is quite odd to repeatedly see this on my page when I haven’t interacted with any videos of this type. About one in three shorts I see are of this nature. Source: Internet
  3. No matter what channels I watch, I’m getting ads every 3 minutes. This is getting ridiculous. I don’t think the channel owners are doing this. I know they control how many and where the ads are, but I get the feeling that youtube themselves are behind this more frequent and repetitive (yes, the SAME ad 3 times in a 10 minute video) ad barrage. Source: Internet
  4. Does this mean that you should have separate channels for your Shorts and long videos? According to YouTube, the answer is no unless each audience for each has separate interests. That would mean that if you’re only concentrating on your music, then it’s good to have both. If your shorts are based on funny outtakes from your shows, then maybe a separate channel is appropriate. Source: Internet
  5. Google and Meta are presumably throwing millions of dollars and hundreds of well-paid developers, engineers and data scientists at their short video products, but at best, they’re currently worse versions of TikTok with a less-targeted algorithm. In this humble internet journalist’s opinion, it’s inexplicable that YouTube is able to ignore the decade of data it has on what I watch (a lot of videos of the Mamma Mia cast, impressive cosplay content and video essays about books) and completely neglect to serve me anything I’m interested in on its shorts channels. While I use Instagram much less – mainly for work and keeping tabs on my younger siblings – the Reels algorithm is also bad at showing me videos I might like. Given that engagement, especially on Instagram, is down, the pursuit of short video seems like a bad business call. Did we not learn anything from Quibi? Source: Internet
  6. Oftentimes, the shorts that are the most anger-inducing are indirectly offensive. They are meant to humiliate a group by trying their very hardest to make an individual look unintelligent. The most common type I see is a homophobic interviewer asking questions to a specific person who is in no way representative of the entire group. The interviewee answers in ways that the majority of the audience would find ridiculous, causing the comments to interrupt into hate towards the interviewee. Source: Internet
  7. Another reason YouTube Shorts are dangerous for your kid is the need for popularity with YouTube shorts. Kids are quickly drawn into trends because of the attraction of being famous. Due to this, your kid might attempt some fame-seeking tactics like engaging with strangers on the app, sharing personal information to connect with their fan, or wearing revealing outfits. In addition, they could also join insane trends like dance challenges with insane moves that might put them in danger of getting hurt. Source: Internet
  8. Kids have been spending a lot of time on YouTube shorts, and parents are beginning to wonder about its dangers. If you’re a parent wondering if YouTube shorts are safe for kids, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll be exploring the dangers of YouTube shorts to your kids and how you can protect them from them. Without further ado, let’s dive in. Source: Internet
  9. Step 12: Your Short is now ready. Add a title and fix the settings. Don’t forget to add #shorts to increase the reach of your YouTube Shorts videos. Whenever ready, tap “Upload,” and your Short will go on your YouTube channel. Source: Internet
  10. That’s not the case with YouTube shorts, as a new video automatically pops up when one video finishes. This could lead your child down an endless path of watching several short videos, increasing their screen time. Children could stare at the screen for hours instead of socializing or doing homework. This could also affect their sleeping time, especially if your kids watch YouTube shorts right before bedtime. If your kids go to bed with devices in their room, they’re sure to have fewer minutes of sleep each night compared to kids who sleep without mobile devices in their room. Source: Internet
  11. There are three different ways you can watch YouTube Shorts on PC. You can search for #Shorts on the YouTube search bar or simply type in to be able to watch short videos. You can also search for YouTube Short videos from a particular creator by searching #shorts + (creator name). Source: Internet
  12. YouTube shorts are a great way to express your creativity in a shorter format than your standard YouTube video. You can also take advantage of the distribution YouTube is giving to this feature in order to grow your YouTube channel or your brand. And you can even make money with YouTube shorts now. Source: Internet
  13. Don’t think too much about how YouTube shorts algorithm works. Just keep sharing your best stories with your audience or viewers. Have patience, and you will experience a different level of traffic on your channel. Source: Internet
  14. When it comes to figuring out whether you should concentrate on long form or shorts, that question appears to be one that’s determined more by your audience. Some viewers prefer shorter videos while the length doesn’t matter to others. Given the popularity of TikTok these days, I’d err on the side of shorter is better. That said, longer videos of over an hour tend to build community, and it’s fairly easy to pull a few moments from these to make something more appropriate for a Short. Source: Internet
  15. Another reason why YouTube shorts are not safe for your kid is how addictive it is. Most people believe that since it is short, it won’t consume much time, but watching shorts might lead you to more screen time than watching YouTube long videos. It might encourage more screen time with your kid and draw attention from important activities like reading and more. Source: Internet

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How to Make YouTube Shorts: Everything You Need to Know - YouTube Shorts 2.0 is here - and requires THIS strategy

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