13 About Do Youtube Shorts Disappear

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Do Youtube Shorts Disappear

13 About Do Youtube Shorts Disappear | When To Post Youtube Shorts

  1. The YouTube Shorts tab can be found next to your home tab at the bottom of your phone screen. All you have to do is tap on the Shorts tab, and scroll through the Shorts feed, just like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Users can tap on the creator's profile picture/name to view all of their uploaded shorts. Source: Internet
  2. So, this is how you can remove YouTube shorts from the YouTube app. As you can see there is no direct method to disable shorts on YouTube.Hope this guide is helpful to you. Source: Internet
  3. YouTube Shorts are a vertical video format with micro-content that goes up to 60 seconds in length. Using the YouTube creation tools, all creators can record videos, edit, add music, and text, and publish Shorts directly in the YouTube app. Shorts remain on creators' YouTube channels forever, unlike YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Stories, which disappear after 24 hours. Creators can also add popular YouTube hashtags to all Shorts videos to help increase views and visibility. Source: Internet
  4. Don’t be disappointed because you can still make money from your YouTube Shorts. According to Google Support about YouTube, YouTube has a fund of $100 million to reward the best short video creators every month who provide the best short-form video experience. Also, if your channel is already monetized, besides the YouTube hashtags you already have, you can add the shorts hashtag (#Shorts) on the longer videos to have potential ad revenue. Source: Internet
  5. This is a simple and small step to remove YouTube shorts from the Home screen. You don’t need to install Third Party app to do this. Simply follow the steps below Source: Internet
  6. This is a small and easy step to remove YouTube shorts from the home screen. YouTube shorts self will keep on coming back. I recommend this step if you want to disable shorts from the home screen temporarily. Source: Internet
  7. The older version of the app doesn’t contain Youtube shorts. So installing the older version of Youtube will disable Youtube shorts on the Youtube app. Follow the instructions given below to download the old version of YouTube without ads Source: Internet
  8. The browser version of YouTube doesn’t contain YouTube shorts. You can open your favorite browser on Your smartphone and go to to watch YouTube without shorts. Source: Internet
  9. It’s worth mentioning that creating Shorts videos is a simple process, and it’s free. You just need a smartphone with an internet connection to express your creativity within a one-minute time limit. Also, you can use different features to attract your viewers and spend more time watching your YouTube Shorts. The editing features are so easy to use, and you can prepare your shorts on the go. Source: Internet
  10. You have probably noticed that popular Instagram Reels and TikTok videos disappear from the front once their views decrease after a certain time. This is not the case when it comes to YouTube Shorts because the algorithm will recommend them to the interested users in different ways forever. This scenario is the same for your YouTube channel subscribers too. Source: Internet
  11. You can choose one of the above 4 ways to remove Shorts from YouTube. Actually, there is still a trick to disable Youtube shorts, and it is using YouTube in a browser. As we know, the YouTube Shorts feature is only available on the YouTube app on Phones. Source: Internet
  12. Also, the short videos will not disappear and take you to another video when it ends. Users in the YouTube community can watch it as many times as they want. They can skip or back some seconds and start another video from your or other YouTube channel. This is a competitive advantage over Instagram Reels, Snapchat, and TikTok videos which are skipped to another video when the video ends. Source: Internet
  13. Note that you will need to add the #shorts in your title and description if you intend to upload it on YouTube Shorts. Each video must be up to 60 seconds only. Since YouTube sometimes adds 1 to 2 seconds to your videos, maximizing the 60 seconds will make it more than 1 minute. You can reduce the length of your video to be sure. Source: Internet

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