11 Most How Do I Change A Youtube Video From Shorts To Horizontal

Today's topic is How Do I Change A Youtube Video From Shorts To Horizontal. Obviously, you can find a great deal of YouTube Shorts—Ultimate guide and video ideas-related content online. The proliferation of online platforms has streamlined our access to information.

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How Do I Change A Youtube Video From Shorts To Horizontal

11 Most How Do I Change A Youtube Video From Shorts To Horizontal | Youtube Shorts Format

  1. It’s now time to create your YouTube Short. You can tap on the red record button to start recording your YouTube Short. Alternatively, you can upload a pre-recorded vertical video under the length of 60 seconds by clicking on the small box on the bottom left that will show the clips on your smartphone. Source: Internet
  2. YouTube Shorts also allow creators to recycle old videos to retain audiences using a different format. If you’re thrifty, you can repurpose your video across social media platforms such as Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, or TikTok. Make sure to change the video size to suit different social media platforms. Source: Internet
  3. Create YouTube Shorts with the Create button. Select a YouTube video to turn into a Short. Tap on the Create button to get started. Either select create a Sound or Cut from the video. We have selected Cut for this tutorial. Source: Internet
  4. You can create and upload a YouTube Short from your smartphone by opening the YouTube app . Tap on the + plus button at the bottom of your screen. Create options will appear in a pull-up box. You can choose between Upload a video, Create a Short, and Go Live. Tap on Create a Short. Source: Internet
  5. Looking to polish up your YouTube Shorts and make them more engaging? Repurpose content for YouTube Shorts with Clipchamp’s free online video editor. All you have to do is download a YouTube video, then trim, split, alter aspect ratios, add royalty-free music and remove the background of your video in the video editor. Save your shortened YouTube video directly to your smartphone for easy Shorts uploading. Try it for free. Source: Internet
  6. Edit your Shorts video with transitions, background remover, AI voices, transitions, and captions. Tap on the Save button at the top right corner of your screen. Select your video quality, then your video will begin to save to your smartphone. Upload your video to YouTube Shorts using the YouTube app. Source: Internet
  7. YouTube Shorts are a vertical video format with micro-content that goes up to 60 seconds in length. Using the YouTube creation tools, all creators can record videos, edit, add music, and text, and publish Shorts directly in the YouTube app. Shorts remain on creators' YouTube channels forever, unlike YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Stories, which disappear after 24 hours. Creators can also add popular YouTube hashtags to all Shorts videos to help increase views and visibility. Source: Internet
  8. YouTube Shorts has features that enable you to put a timer and adjust the speed of your clip up to 3x faster and 0.3x slower. The pre-recorded vertical video clips that you upload on YouTube Shorts give you the power to customize your video the way you want to suit your brand’s needs. Source: Internet
  9. Next, select a clip from the YouTube video to make into a Shorts video. Tap Next to select, then tap Next when you’re ready to publish. Add Short details, then tap Upload Short when ready to post. Source: Internet
  10. If you’re unsure what to post on YouTube Shorts, look at current TikTok trends, as the apps are interchangeable. Repurposing content from TikTok is a fast and fun way to reach more potential Shorts viewers and grow your YouTube channel. Find out what YouTube Shorts and long-form videos are trending with the help of valuable YouTube competitor analytics. Source: Internet
  11. Publishing Shorts to your YouTube channel creates more opportunities to gain views. The more views your channel receives, the more likely channel subscribers and engagement will grow. When a social media platform launches a new feature, it (rather, the algorithm!) wants creators to use the new feature and popularize it. If creators engage with this new feature, there’s a chance their YouTube channel will witness a spike in both profile and video views. This is also the case with the Instagram Reel features. Source: Internet

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