10 Things Youtube Shorts Disadvantages

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Youtube Shorts Disadvantages

10 Things Youtube Shorts Disadvantages | Youtube Shorts Case Study

  1. To check if shorts are showing correctly as a short, go to channel customization, and under the featured section you should see your shorts videos. You can choose “Short videos” to appear on your homepage. If the short you uploaded automatically go into that section, then it is a short. Source: Internet
  2. You should post as many as you can create for that day. More videos equal more chances to get views. However, just because you post more shorts doesn’t mean those new subscribers will watch your regular, longer videos. Check above to see how to mitigate this. Source: Internet
  3. The most important thing is to keep uploading consistently, similar to publishing in blogging. You need to do this to get viewers, both from shorts and regular videos. It will slowly show up as recommended to viewers. Source: Internet
  4. It may take a few days for shorts to get popular. If they don’t, then you need to focus on those views that you got on other shorts. Create something else that those few people might also watch again, and like or comment on it. After a while, you might get picked up by the algorithm and take off. Source: Internet
  5. One great way of transforming your shorts viewer into your longer content viewer is to let your shorts users know that you make more than shorts. Let them know you make regular content as well. Add a message to the end of your shorts, but only if your shorts are in the same general topic as your main content, or it can backfire. Source: Internet
  6. YouTube shorts algorithm can be very volatile, and random. So if you created a great short and think it will do great, you may find out that your worse short is doing better. So don’t worry if it doesn’t seem consistent at times. Source: Internet
  7. YouTube shorts are good for getting exposure, and growing subscribers, but they don’t get people to stay for long. This is because viewers interested in shorts will mostly be looking for shorts. That is why your main goal should be in transforming your shorts viewer into your main content viewer. Source: Internet
  8. You can create something that those 20-30 viewers are going to want to like/comment on. That’s going to increase your chances of the next YouTube short going viral. Then you just need to hope that your shorts continue to do well with the people it’s being recommended to. Source: Internet
  9. YouTube shorts are good for growing your channel. You can gain more subscribers, especially if one of your shorts goes viral. They won’t damage your current channel either if you combine them with regular content, so they are definitely worth it. Source: Internet
  10. This means that your YouTube shorts don’t roll over to older content as long videos do. Rather, they boost your sub count to give you a chance to continue to impress those people with your new content. They won’t benefit your older videos much, but they will give you new subscribers. You need to introduce these new subscribers with your other, longer content. Source: Internet

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Youtube Shorts Case Study - Disadvantages Of Youtube

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Disadvantages Of Youtube - Do Youtube Shorts Help Your Channel

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