Specul8 Introduces... Novella Series


Specul8 was founded with the idea of increasing the publication options for authors of speculative fiction from within the Central Queensland region. In 2017 we are taking that concept one step further and instigating the Specul8 Introduces... Novella Series.


We will be looking for first time CQ authors will no previous solo publication credits and giving them a small push out into the world with their first solo novella.



Submitting authors must be either current or former residents of the Central Queensland region


Authors must have no previous solo publications to their names (participation in short story anthologies and collections including Specul8 issues are OK)


Authors must be willing to actively participate in editorial and marketing processes



Submitted works must be a complete novella between 20000 - 40000 words


Works must fall within the realm of speculative fiction, including (but not limited to): science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk, historical fiction, dystopian etc.


Works must be original and relevant rights held by the submitting author


No Fan Fiction, Erotica or Sparkly Vampires


Submission Specs

Every page of the manuscript must include a header with the following information:


    BOOK TITLE justified left

    Author’s first initial and full last name justified right


Every page of the manuscript must include a footer with a centered page number.


One-inch (1″) margins all around


Use only .doc or .docx formats. No other formats will be accepted.


All manuscripts must be double-spaced.


Indent the first line of each paragraph by .5 inches.


NO tabs!!!!!!! Glue that damn key so it can't be used


All dialogue to use double quotation marks "


Single space after each period .


Begin chapters on new page.


Use Calibri/Arial/Times New Roman 12 pt font.


Do not manipulate the formatting, other than italics for emphasis


Author Compensation

Successful authors will receive 70% royalties


Submission Period

Submissions will open 1 September 2016 - 31 March 2017. Once open manuscripts will be able to be submitted via an online form on this page - no other means of submission will be accepted.